Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So it has been over a year since I have posted anything on here! Time has flown by and I have been very busy! To update:

Bob: Retired for the 2nd time around! Maybe someday he will decide that he could actually STOP working! He is still working with the foundation but not in the capacity that he has been. He made an agreement with Marlene that he would step down as Executive Director this year so that they could travel...Amazingly HE DID! He got a new truck and a 5th wheel to start the adventures of traveling with Marlene!

Marlene: She also retired this year! She has dedicated the past 34 years to teaching our high school students in Davis County and finally decided to throw in the towel! It was long over-due! There were some sad moments when she realized that she would never again have a first day of school! She did get to experience one last "first day" of school with Whitney this year, but it was still bitter sweet! Since she talked Bob into really being retired, they have started to travel!

Whitney: She started her LAST semester at Weber State! As long as she passes all of her classes, 20 credits worth, she will GRADUATE in DECEMBER!!! None of this waiting till April crap, she is done! She will have her Bachelors in Technical Sales with a Minor in Fashion Merchandising!! She also is working down at Gateway Bridal and Prom as a Bridal Consultant! So far she LOVES it and it is in an areas that she loves, FASHION & WEDDINGS!! She took this job knowing that she would have to put of moving back to New York off for a little bit, but she was okay because she knew she couldn't pass this job up, plus she needs to save some money!!

The Scopel's: Kimber and Jayson are settled into their house and doing great! Jayson started the Bachelor's program at Weber State this fall. He has a few more semesters and then he will have his BS in Nursing, after which he will only have a few more years to work and then he can apply for Graduate School! Kimber is still working at Rock Hotel Dental! She is still liking being there! She is contemplating the idea of getting her Masters, she really likes not having to go to school, but her Masters is something she would really like to get! They are at a great place in their lives right now and "baby" has crossed their, and our, minds! They are excited to one day become parents, and we are EXCITED to soon be Grandpa's, Grandma's, and AUNTS!! ** Just for clarification, they aren't pregnant YET, but we hope soon!! ** Sasha bear is also good, she is becoming quite the little pampered princess, if she wasn't already! She has developed more of an attitude but is still the apple of all of our eyes!!

Well...that's the "Readers Digest" version of the update on our family! I (Whitney) will try and be better at blogging! I might start posting more than just family things on here so that I can actually have things to blog about, like design, fashion, love, shoes, school, and weddings!!

Peace & Love
The Hasenyagers!

*PS I think I am going to make this private pretty soon! I am now super paranoid about hackers and stockers and all that stuff due to recent events so if you do happen to read this, leave me an email address so when I do go private I can add you!!*

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